SWALWELL'S GUN POLICIES | Special Guest REMSO MARTINEZ | The Loaded Mic - Ep. 23

Jun 28, 201960 minutes

Swalwell and his anti-gun policies and the media misrepresenting President Trump. Also our Special Guest Remso Martinez!

SPECIAL GUEST Remso W. Martinez is an independent journalist, new media producer, and Amazon bestselling author living in the D.C. area. Remso is best known for his podcast the Remso Martinez Experience (formerly the Remso Republic), which reaches thousands of listeners each episode across many on-demand platforms and networks. Remso is also the co-host of GOA: Firing Back.

Find REMSO here: https://rwmartinez.com

Check out the new PUBLISHING WEBSITE where you can find Dan, John, and Remso's writing: https://acejournaltoday.com

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